Do you want GA and DS frozen when RMT comes out?

Question for WildStar raiders. Do you want rankings to be frozen for GA and DS when RMT comes out? If I don’t freeze them, then you’ll be able to go back and destroy old ranks with RMT gear. If I do freeze them, then I am kind of catering only to the small population capable of going right into RMT.

What would people prefer?

can there be something like a frozzen 20-man DS legacy ranking?

and RMT release would start complete new rankings for DS/GA and obviously RMT?

Pretty much what Sculti said and what has been done previously. Save the logs in their current state at release and keep them as F2P Legacy Logs or whatever then have new logs for post RMT release be the new ones.

What Voltron & Sculti said.

I agree somewhat with the previous 3, i think you should save the current rankings as a legacty in the state when RMT release, (in the same way as the Original state ones are now) but, instead of wiping clean the new rankings, i think you should keep the old scores, but allow people to improve them - To avoid having to start with 0 points/rank on everything.

I agree with having the current DS and GA rankings legacy frozen.

did the logs not get frozen?

DA and GS should be frozen. Are they not?

Logs are frozen at the moment yes, but we are no longer able to get new rankings.

Can we make it so there are archived Pre-RMT and new Post-RMT logs for GA/DS?

It would be nice to have anything before 8/17 archived due to class changes and anything after count towards the new logs. This was what was done with other patches wasn’t it?

^ what Volt said

The best approach by far is to put them into a “F2P Legacy” section and then allow the brand new full wipe to be filled by the “RMT and Class change Logs”, If this method gets to annoying somewhere down the line, i’d still prefer wiping them for major changes even if we don’t get a legacy section for it, that wouldn’t matter much for anyone other than a handful of parsers.

any update on this?

Looking for an update on this as well. I think Cheetos suggestion sounds good.

Yeah this is a bit complicated to do, since it’s a third version, and I didn’t really plan for that properly.

If archiving them is too much, even just starting from scratch or letting new rankings take over would be better than having the ranks be completely frozen in my opinion.

Really do appreciate the work you’ve done for us so far though :slight_smile:

I agree with Voltron. Appreciate the work you have done. I am sure there are people here in the community who would be open to learning/helping if we can. I would be one of those people.

I don’t mind if we’re allowed to overwrite any current logs. If you’re not able to create an archive I can’t imagine anyone would be that sentimental over it, If archiving the currentl logs is too much work, feel free to put it on the back burner :smiley:

Rather just be able to overwrite and have current logs unfrozen.

Rankings for everything are open again. I made use of the WoW Legion prepatch code to create a partition for pre-RMT and post-RMT for GA and Datascape.

Hi Kihra, is this retroactive? I’m not seeing any recent values that would have taken over prior parses in any of the aforementioned locations. Unless it’s only stuff we record from this point on (no big deal if so), or just hasn’t updated the data yet (which I suppose would happen later tonight).

Hey Kihra, still not seeing any overall rankings in the Post-RMT sections of logs. Just an update in-case you hadn’t had a chance to check.