Please lock current creator logs

With the release of i280 diadem weapons it will be impossible to sustain competitive speed killing.

What about all the people who upload and don’t speedkill? Which by far outnumbers those that speedkill lol.

i’m personally really annoyed its been frozen all i needed was one good a12 kill…but ya this new diadem stuff…

It’s not frozen. It’s partitioned. You can earn new ranks still. The pre-diadem ones are frozen though.

oh so we can still move up in the current ranks?

or does it start a whole new ranking?

It’s a whole new set of rankings.

Have you considered seeding the new 3.55b+ category with the data from pre 3.55b?
So that such things as historical perf%, median and such are retained.

It’s going to be skewed otherwise; for example noticed tonight that I got a 100% ranking even with a not so special run due to how few have uploaded.

A lot of people look at fflogs to judge a player at a glance and probably aren’t going to click through to see “pre 3.55” which may be dramatically different.

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