Request: Pre-release Legion Rankings

I was wondering how difficult it is for you to add in pre-release legion rankings? One thing I haven’t seen anywhere yet is a tier list of how each dps class is doing as compared to others on beta. I’ve looked at logs for the new raids that people are uploading, but there’s no easy way to combine all the information together. Since you’re the expert, I wasn’t sure if you had a way of basically making a graph of the average top dps, or even just the average dps for each fight and the # of logs there are for each fight?

I am very opposed to doing this for a number of reasons. It would create a huge headache for the Blizzard developers, because people would misinterpret the data and complain about class balance based off of fundamentally flawed raid testing.

The problem with the way raid testing has been implemented is that it uses a scaling aura. While this allows anyone to test the content, it also means you have completely skewed information about each class.

(1) Old tier bonuses work scaled up.
(2) Old trinkets work scaled up, so people can deliberately pick trinkets that become amazing when scaled.
(3) Artifact weapons are all over the place. Some people are testing with new 100s that have 1 point in the artifact. Some people have fully unlocked artifacts because they farmed the repeatable world quest, etc.
(4) The scaling aura locks your weapon to the same ilvl as your gear. This is not how real gearing will work though. With real gearing, your weapon will be way above the rest of your gear, so classes that depend on weapon damage more than others are being unfairly penalized and look worse.
(5) People are cheating and bringing in world buffs like Leyline Infusion.

TLDR: The data is so skewed that no good information is being provided by it, and if I start producing statistics for this stuff people are going to start yelling at Blizzard about classes being over/underpowered when they are looking at utterly misleading testing data.

Ah I didn’t know about the scaling stuff :frowning: It’s just pretty frustrating that prepatch is in a few days, and I haven’t seen a tier list anywhere. Normally there’s an tier list that gets updated like a few months before