Disable Navigation Core All-Star Points

Until the new logger is released publicly, Navigation Core should not be counted towards All-Star points.

Really? So we can start begging Kihra to bring it back just a week later? You have to realize how small Wildstar is and how creating extra work over it isn’t very efficient. So maybe a better solution would be to put your pants back on, and literally wait just a couple of weeks until the logger gets released.

Obviously our first log worked, but two logs broke again afterwards so we had to re-test this week. Pretty happy with the current solution, seems to be working - so hopefully it will get released shortly.

Also, maybe we should be asking for the real healer all star list to be put on the main rankings page, rather than this joke that’s there now? You know, the list where you can’t break top 20?

LOL people are crazy … and why not removed ranking for mini like https://www.wildstarlogs.com/rankings/8#boss=1108

We havent fight this boss at all so why people have pts from that??

EDIT : If you arent happy , you can try to repair logger like zod did :wink:

Why does everything I post always turn back into a personal attack.

If there’s actual verification that this new logger is coming “in a couple of weeks,” then I have no complaints. There’s been no communication regarding any sort of error in the logger and so I assumed, as I’m sure others have well, that it was just something quirky about the fight from Carbine’s end preventing the fight end from being recognized properly. On that note, I’m glad that there’s someone who’s been able to figure out what was wrong. I’m not a coder by trade or training or else I would’ve wanted to help.


As far as all the other comments go:

I agree that Healer DPS as an all-star category is completely stupid and should be removed. Sorry I tried having a bit of fun since sigil healing was broken, and I wanted to keep myself entertained. This topic was not made because I somehow suffered from it. I could care less if the entire category just disappeared.

Regarding Rackmaster, it looks like you guys killed it today so I guess you don’t want it removed now since it benefits you.


Subpar-20 player,

Ok, apologies, I agree I was a bit rude in my response.

It’s just that recently people use this forum just to report our logs - we were having Cupcakes logs reported within 5 minutes of posting them for the dumbest reasons - just to get the logs invalidated.

Zod spent a bunch of his time trying to figure out why Nav Core is bugging out for a while. He got a running fix of the WS logger a couple of weeks ago, and we tested. The first log worked ok, but then we had another 2 failed logs. So we need some more time to make sure the fix is ok.

Everything has been going fine this week - we are getting legit logs on Navigation Core. Kihra has the fixed addon. If he doesn’t release it soon, we will provide a link to the fixed WS logger so all you guys can get your logs working.


Testing a new version of the logger doesn’t justify having navigation core counted in all star ranking, especially when only one guild has access to it.

I totally support you on that, scio.

Right, except that guild fixed the logger themselves a week ago, so that guild is testing to see if we should release the fixed logger so all of you can have Nav Core logs.

You do realize that Zod Bain and myself are from Cupcakes right? You do realize Zod fixed it himself after all these months without logs?

We literally had two? three? working logs before tonight, and two broken ones and you guys are already crying about it because of your precious all star rankings. What a disgrace.

I spent a good few evenings talking to Kihra, looking at the cause, testing alternative death events and even talking to a Carbine guy about this. How about you all calm the fuck down, it has been 2 raid lockouts where we ran the addon. TWO.

The first try didn’t work and I had to manually go into the raw file and fix the death event at line 3 million and something. After that I modified the addon again and it has automatically worked for the 2 lockouts.

This hasn’t worked for half a year so what’s the big rush now? History doesn’t matter anyway with the logs so I don’t really get why you can’t wait a tiny bit longer.

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Yeah, it didn’t work for a while, but for everyone. Compare what’s comparable. Now it works for a single guild, and that is just not fair to other people.

@Zod I respect your work and I thank you for it. It still doesn’t justify taking Starmap into account in all stars ranking while you do your testing. I highly doubt it’s needed to know whether your modified addon works or not. Currently it’s just a way to inflate your guildmates’ rankings.

Navigation Core was just on by default because all bosses are on by default. Nobody is trying to “inflate their rankings”… that’s a ridiculous thing to say. We have been working to get support added for it, and part of that support is to make sure that rankings export properly. It’s not Zod’s fault that the All Stars happened to take it into account.

Anyway, for now, I will disable the points for this boss.

Sorry for the late response to this. Apologies that Cupcakes logs are being “targeted” in some way, I didn’t know about that and can understand the frustration that comes as a result.

I appreciate the work that went into the fix, really do. But if you take a step back and look at the events from an outsider’s point of view, you get the only working log on Starmap and then proceed to label the log as “World First.” As facetious as that might have been, the optics were not that great.

That all aside, there was no need for you to jump in Ketsoo. They’ve already stated they’d release it shortly, and for their work on it, I don’t mind giving them a period of exclusivity. That’s my final two cents on the topic.

Necro’ing thread to submit a patched WSL addon to anyone who may find it useful.


Kihra – I would great appreciate if you could review and provide your official feedback as time permits on this patch.

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It seems as though many raid groups have used the patched logger and many logs are posted for this fight – Would it be possible to re-enable all star points for it?

Bumping and seconding the re-enabling of all-star points since the issue that caused them to be removed was fixed.

Bumping again.