Log rankings not updating

Wildstar log rankings does not seem to update the last two days. Not sure if this is on your end with the new version of the addon and uploader or Wildstar after the patch/maintenance yesterday.

Do you mean All Stars or do you mean all ranks? Do you have an example log?

Hmm looks like the code to figure out role (Assault vs. Support) has broken. Let me look into it.

Regression from switchover to HTTPS. Looking into a fix now.


Example log if you still need it

The bug has been fixed.

Do we have to re-upload logs?

No, I can crawl them, but if you want to just fix yours up immediately, go to Rankings page for your report and hit the Export button.

Does it take time for the boss ranking to update or should that be updated as soon as the log is processed?

thank you very much, Kihra

you are the best support anyone could wish for, your response times are amazing