Do you want GA and DS frozen when RMT comes out?

Struggling to even find kills in the all reports list. It’s all progression wipes. If there are kills that someone could link, that would be helpful. This has a kill for Mordechai. We are also having a recurring issue where for a lot of bosses it is giving invalid logs.

Re-exported it, and it showed up in rankings. I haven’t done any retroactive crawling yet. Busy getting ready for the 10x traffic increase on the site tomorrow. :slight_smile:

Thanks Kihra! Good luck this week with all the WoW logs, I am sure it will be crazy. We will be logging tonight and I will let you know how it goes. Appreciate all your work, like always!

This log has invalid log/showing as wipe for

  • Robomination (Wipe)
  • Assistant Technician Skooty (Wipe)
  • Chief Engine Scrubber Thrag (Invalid)
  • The Engineers (Invalid)
  • Mordechai (Invalid)

Hey Kihra, hope everything is going great with the WoW release. Just a few things, GA and DS are not getting new rankings as can be seen here and here. The logs below correspond to each instance but are not being ranked and thanks for your work as always.

I’m an idiot and forgot to unfreeze the ranks for those zones. Should start working now.