WotLK Blessing of Elune exploit

I was hoping to get some opinions/attention on the fact that during the Lunar Festival, there has been a way to get an additional 10% strength from getting the Blessing of Elune buff which stacks with Blessing of Sanctuary as long as you don’t overwrite it with Blessing of Kings. I play Ret Pally and got a rank 1 parse by using this interaction, but am concerned that this will ruin parsing for the rest of the expansion. The 10% strength buff sims much higher for me than the difference between my current gear and BiS gear. So basically, I am pretty sure that there will never be higher parses for the rest of the expansion than there have been during the last two+ weeks for Strength classes.

I would propose that these logs are separated during the Lunar Festival time in some way that allows people to continue trying to parse for the rest of the expansion. Or just invalidate the logs that are using this interaction. It would kind of suck to go through the next 6 months of ICC without the possibility of improving my parses.



We are discussing what we will do about it, if you wish to keep up to date with information or any updates regarding our website, feel free to join our Discord server here: Warcraft Logs

Thank you! Have a great day.