Parse % by spec and ilvl

Back into raiding, Uldir is open at last!

Looking at our log pages, the first thing I look for seems to be gone from the Damage page: % parse by spec & ilvl. Will it return?

I know the top end guilds don’t care about that but there are lesser guilds where that is an important consideration that gives us a window into how well a person plays their spec regardless of gear. We’d rather gear up a person who does a 90% parse for their low level gear than take in someone who is geared but only does 35% for theirs.

Maybe I’m missing something… I looked at a log from another post on the forums and it has the Ilvl% column. Was I just tired and drunk last night? Well, yes, yes I was. But indeed, our log doesn’t have the column.

Advanced logging is enabled. What’s happening here?

It’s bug. When people in the raid are below the minimum ilvl threshold, the whole column hides. I’ll try to get it fixed soon-ish.