WOTLK Hodir Boomkin Logs Missing

Hello, I’m not sure if this is the right place, but my boomkin parse only for Hodir fights are missing on my character logs. It’s showing up fine on my guild logs though.

Guild fight log: Warcraft Logs - Combat Analysis for Warcraft

My boomkin spec log: Omurisu - Eranikus - Warcraft Logs

This happened for both 10m and 25m hodir fights, over 2 weeks.
Funny thing is, my Freya logs as boomkin are added to my character logs fine.

I play feral 95% of the time, and only go boomie for specific fights/when the raid wants me to. Perhaps that has to do with this somehow?

Any help regarding this would be really great!

Just saw the notice re: bug reports above this post. Will just be submitted a ticket there!

Hi there, what do you mean by missing?

I see your Hodir parses just fine here: Omurisu - Eranikus - Warcraft Logs

You might be confused as Hodir has been removed from the default character pages, all star points and complete raids after an earlier poll.

Ahhh so Hodir has been removed altogether from the screen I was looking at. Thanks for clearing that up.