Massive Ranking Exploit

The latest patch introduced a new item which when used provides a damage boost of over 25%+. This basically nullifies any ranking prior due to the absurd amount of damage it gives you.

Here you can see the ability “Fel Sunder”.

Tried to repeat it - didn’t work.
I think it was fixed yesterday night(EU), when was server restart.

It is certainly not fixed. It is being used more and more.

does anyone care about fel sunder? planning to delete the logs or should i use aswell? i think it should be deleted since its an exploit

I am back from vacation now. Logs with Fel Sunder are being crawled and invalidated now.

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Don’t mind the removal of this since it was annoying to execute and pretty widespread.

However, I don’t think you can just invalidate people who used it. All physical classes in the raid benefit from the armor reduction of the debuff, which is presumably 25% due to 5% per application of the debuff stacking up to 5 times. Buff was shared for all players (which is why everyone refreshed a single instance of the debuff on the boss) so there’s no reason to think that this gain was only for the person applying the debuff.

Ok I will make it invalidate everything.

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