Horde VS Alliance Racials and Heroism Exploitive Parsing

Wowlogs are banning chickens and making many changes to how people will be able to parse (that is a good thing, my whole guild was pleased to hear this!), but you need to remove all cheese from parses. Anything used to manipulate parses needs to be fixed and blacklisted or make a new tab where it is like a free for all anything goes kind of parse. It should come down to who has the best rotation and understanding of min-max mechanics from boss to boss. People using two, three, or FOUR heroes to parse is complete bullshit IMO. There are mages getting two to three innervates. These are not real parses; it is a bunch of trash players exploiting cooldowns to make themselves feel like they are good or matter because they can cheat. Allowing cheesing with parses demeans the parses on wowlogs. Everyone should be locked into one hero max, and if they use more than one, it should not count. It would be nice to parse high every week, not every three weeks when someone can just use all the cooldowns that the raid has to offer. Also, we would love to see Alliance not compared with Horde parses. The racials are entirely broken, and everyone knows this. There are hunters that have very little gear DESTROYING geared Alliance hunters just because of racials. Both hunters are using proper rotations, but the orc has passive and on-use damage that you can’t compete with as any Alliance racials. There are many more instances that you could bring up between factions that belittle the actual worth of parses. You guys seem to listen and have brains (unlike blizzard kek), so I hope this gets brought up soon and changes. Thanks for your time!


I couldn’t agree more with this. The fact that people are manipulating by switching in extra hero’s is garbage. Doesn’t show in anyway the skill of a player and it is in fact hurting other players parses. I really don’t understand how this method is considered to be legit parses. As far as the racial abilities go it is more than clear the factions should be separated.