Warcraft logs No WB runs ruined

Have you ever done an unbuffed raid with your guild and somehow, one person ruins your parses because he didn’t click off some random world buff? Checking this every week is awful. You inspect every person and every buff they have one by one and you even tell everyone to click their buffs off but still there’s always someone is oblivious. If they’re going to continue to do this and not forgive one person having one world buff, then warcraftlogs NEEDS to offer an addon, macro, or weak aura that checks everyone and tells the raid who has what world buffs. I’ve looked all over and the closest thing I found was a griefer weak aura that lets you visually see at a glance some of the world buffs on players within 10 yards but I doubt it shows all of them and isn’t all that great. Please provide something or start forgiving up to 4 world buffs if they’re on low performing dps.