Suggestion for A5S Problems tab

Something that happened to us a few times and should be avoided imo : when the boss walks into the blue puddle and gets invisible for some time, it is no longer targetable and thus cannot be hit.
I dont know if it gets a debuff or somethg though in the log.

If you have a log where you know this happened, link it and I can take a look.

Each pool gives the boss a buff so it might be pertinent to have someone run the boss through all the pools in a run.

I’ll do it if I have the opportunity.

The Problems pane does detect when the boss healed, so that pool is covered. I hadn’t done anything for running through the other pools though.

The purple gives Haste, so that should be pretty easy to detect. Red gives damage up, but I’m not sure if it’s the same name as usual or a unique name. Blue makes him untargetable but I’m not sure what the name of that is.

I’ll probably get a group to run through the pools tonight.