Issue with A11S Parses

Hey, my group cleared A11S earlier today and for some reason the fight is pslit into 3 parts even though all our in game parsers are not resetting the fight? FFlogs link, We cleared it on the first pull of the day so there should be no wipes at all in that log either :\

Yeah I need to up the encounter timeout on that one.

Can the fix be applied so that logs that are uploaded already (how ever few it is) will also be fixed?

You can hit the Export button on your report’s Rankings section to fix them up.

Has this issue been fixed already? The A11s clear parse I uploaded gets split into 4 different parts but only 3 of these parts belong to the actual clear. The first part really is a wipe and the remaining 3 are the clear but they’re all labeled as wipes or invalid log.

It’s not quite fixed. I need to raise the timeout again to something even higher.

is this the same issue with 12?

I assume it is since it has really high downtime as well which was the issue with 11 so yeah

Any idea when this is getting fixed?

A12 should be fixed now. Re-export any logs you want to fix up.