[M Aggramar Request] Add damage removal from overall

The title pretty much says it.

All the top ranking people do a huge amount of unnecessary damage to the Embers of Taeschalah (since many of them are “immortal” especially towards the end), and without effectively aoe’ing them, you can’t get a high parse (since most guilds use warlocks to slow them with Corruption ring, they can’t be beaten on this fight, because of the massive padding, but another example for massive padding is the case of fire mages where the top 1 player has over 200 million damage to these adds).

This is kinda of similar to other bosses in the past that were treated differently because of this, for example when High Botanist healed up and the damage before healing up was not calculated in the final dps, or Trilliax and his adds where you couldn’t kill them but still could do damage to them, or Demonic Inquistion where the “high parsing” tactic involved summoning a massive amounts of adds.

Please Kihra take a minute to consider removing the ember of taeschalah damage taken from the overall dps calculation on Mythic, because the parses currently are not good for anything, apart from how to do massive amounts of useless damage to otherwise immortal adds.

It’s difficult to accommodate this request at this point, since too many parses have accumulated. What I could do is remove it from All Stars.

I totally understand your point and removing aggramar from all star is also a solution to the problem. Thank you very much for making this possible, most of the people would definitely welcome this change as it is cancer right now to try to compete on this boss as it works in its current form.

However I would only remove it from the Mythic all star if that can be done as on other difficulties this is not much of an issue (of course people still can cheat a bit but it is far from the mythic level of madness). What do you think about this?

That would delay things. I don’t have the technical capability to only eliminate one difficulty right now, so would be hung up on coding the feature to do that first.

Oh, I see, it is settled then. Aaaaand we’ve found something to add to your to-do list for BfA, I guess! :smiley:

Thank you once again for your help and very quick reply!

I disagree with Nalarion. There are not that many speccs affected by this.

Afflilock/frostmage “padding” is part of the actual progress strategy for the boss (some slow with an aff lock others with a frostmage).
Other speccs who suffer from this are dot reliant speccs like moonkin and shadow, firemage to some extent and sub rogue for some reason. EVERY other specc has at least 1 or more parses in the top 5 without or with almost no padding (under 20 million/2 % small add dmg). I did not check underrepresented specs like arcane/demo/survival though.

I am all for removing ember damage from logs if/as soon as possible, but i am strictly against removing Aggramar from all star points just because a few dot classes cannot efficiently rank without padding. It is without a doubt possible to get a high ranking for every specc i did not name, although it may be hard and rankings are still skewed towards padders.

Removing Aggramar from all star points is not a good solution in my opinion, even if temporary. It messes up Allstar points for every other difficulty (although i personally do not care much about everything but mythic, some people surely do) and affects not even half of speccs to a (in my opinion) relevant degree.

Please do not misunderstand me: I am all for removing the small add damage in a similar fashion to Trilliax or Botanist but i do not think of the removal as a good solution.

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Current fix has its own issue being right now old all star records still counts for older kills that I currently see. Such as anyone getting a new progression kill today or soon would think they could compare and get excited to earn a top spot on server etc but can’t. You can pull up others above on all star page and have higher personal all star page then them but be below them on list due to grandfathered score. If that is updated changed or w/e soon removing it is at least fair. Otherwise it seems like to be swapping a unfair he did more pad for more broken all star ranks as a measurable is unfair.

Fix hasn’t happened yet. All Stars updates once per day.

Removing Aggramar from all star points, why? Because different guilds use different tactics with aff warlock slowdowns? I as a healer do a lot of work there, and now I’ve lost a lot all stars point, because of that the classes without the multidot and the tactics with the control are unhappy? Unfair.

It’s really unnecessary. Only a few DPS speccs are seriously affected by this, the other 70 % and tanks/healer and rankings in other difficulties get punished for nothing.