New two dungeons?

Can we have the two new dungeons, wall and sohm al to logs?

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Yeah, need the boss names/order in each and if anything is weird about kill count etc.

It would be the same for Dun Scaith (the 24man) too I guess?

Dun Scaith:
1st) Deathgaze Hollow
2nd) Ferdidad Hollow
3rd) Scathach
4th) Diabolos / Diabolos Hollow
Diabolos is a special case. Once he transforms into Diabolos Hollow, if you wipe he restarts at the Diabolos Hollow phase, so it’ll probably have to be set up like A6 NM where you’ll have to split it up into 2 bosses. Can use the “Lifegate” being defeated to end the Diabolos phase. Don’t think there’s anything special about the other bosses.

Sohm Al Hard:
1st) The Leightonward
2nd) Gowrow
3rd) Lava Scorpion

Baelsar’s Wall
1st) Magitek Predator
2nd) Armored Weapon
3rd) The Griffin

I don’t think there’s anything special about those dungeon bosses that could mess FFlogs up. Maybe you don’t actually kill the Griffin in combat logs. Not sure. I’ll have to check next time I get the dungeon.

Bumping up, still waiting for these to be added. Game is not as fun without fighting over FFlog ranks :grin:

So i wasn’t hallucinating, its not added yet.
In that case there is no 3.5 under “patches” as well, which, i’m betting, is why all the A1S runs i did for relic never showed up.

Don’t even feel like doing expert anymore without racing for ranks :confused:
As for A1S, only current raid tier accepts new logs.

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Bumping one last time