Augmented Herald of Avatus, cheese parse

this boss takes more dmg the longer the fight goes (he heals up to 100% and takes more dmg every time)

this shitty guild (mine) scummed it and let one person only DPS it
every DS guild can kill it <1:30 mins
maybe introduce a cap, where the log doesnt count if its a >1:30 mins parse?

theres also still a parse for that fight where the boss got pulled into trash

Wait, doesn’t World Last has his own Wildstarlog website ? What’s the point ?

You can’t really put a cap here. The design of the boss is he can reset his life 8 times. The best would be to remove this boss from the all star rank ;-).

I saw you stopped DPS at 2min30. You could just keep dpsing and fuck his parse ?


i died :slight_smile:

my issue with this is that other guilds will do that too now and since every boss counts the same you cant rank if you dont have a scum parse on that fight
its basicly what happened in the 40 man rankings too

so some kind of limit on time would be nice

can we get any response on this? :frowning:

The two of you were disagreeing, so I was seeing what other people thought. I could just discount it from All Stars I suppose.

oh Kinae and me go way back :wink:

we werent really arguieng, i think it was more him trolling me :smiley:

but yeah, remove that one from the all star rankings so 2700 would be the new cap would be the best solution i think

Yeah was a bit trolling Sculti :slight_smile:

Remove it from all star is the best solution otherwise you will have people with 1min31 sec parse that will cry ^^

Agree with sculti here. Think it should be removed from all star rankings otherwise guilds are just going to rotate players every week on it to get that one person a parse. Its extremely easy to abuse.

Please remove it from rankings, it’s silly. There’s really no other work around, and cheesing logs is lame.

I will leave it in rankings, but just change its point value for All Stars to 0. Will try to get this change in later today.

I really don’t see the point in removing it from all stars. everyone has the option to do it, whether or not they are willing to or raid lead lets them should be of no consequence in taking it off. Doesnt take some exploit, just takes longer making the person do more damage…

One idea would be to reduce the point value of minibosses. I do this in Final Fantasy, i.e., minibosses are only 25 points.

that would just move the problem into a smaller scale

basicly right now you can do 40k~ dmg on that boss, unless you drag the fight artificially, which leads to 100k+ parses
with the way allstar points work everyone who doesnt have an artificially solo parse is missing 60~ points, as soon as someone from their class has done this

if all mini bosses would give 25 points instead, you’d be missing 15 points (#1 gets 25, you do 40% of his dmg so 10) but the maximum points avaiable for DS rankings are lower too, so missing 15 means almost the same

you basicly have a huge disadvantage in your class, as soon as someone has a parse like this
this is what happened in old DS and this trend would have continued if they didnt introduce the “new” DS

i dont want to get back to this, where a boss that takes 40s to kill turns into a 7 minute parsething, where 14/20 people stand around and do nothing while the others are buffing 1 person and you have to do it every week

which is my main concern with this
WS is at a place where the remaining players play this game for the sake of playing with their friends and waiting for new content to be released
the people that care about parses are a very, very small minority
i basicly asked people, that i knew where active on this forum (and still care a little ;)) to support me in this threats claim
this threat is 2 weeks old and these are all the responses we got
for the record, noone that did this 100k+ parse posted in here, except for me i guess, because i was in that raid :wink:

as a raidleader i dont want to ask my people to do this for me, because now i need a parse on this fight because i kind of care about competing
yes, everyone has the option to do it, but i dont want to force this on others

i actually really like your compromise, where the fight is still listed under DS bosses rankings, it just doesnt give any points to the all-star-ranking (thats it if i understood you correctly?)
so if you wanna see how high you can go on that boss, go for it

MM didnt really think of it that way, i could see how keeping it up but having the score contribution being 0 would be a fair compromise. So that those that wanna see how high they can get can, and it wont screw those that care about rankings.

any updates? :frowning:

we convinced the 1 person that was against removing it from the all-star-rankings!

I agree with removing this parse from the allstar rankings - A fight for which you intentionally stop dps instead of killing the boss to get a better parse doesn’t make sense for all star rankings.