Private logs from a trial were made public of our Mythic farm after he left the guild

Nerd Rage on Arthas (US) Splaticus I am the GM of the guild.

Below are our rules that were decided by our guild.
A player may always Private log his/her combat.
Public Logging is strictly prohibited until a raid tier is finished on main progression Nights (Thursday, Friday, Saturday).
Public Logging is approved from “Alt raids” provided these are non-progressional raids. (General Tuesday, except at the start of the raid tier)
Public Logging, or approval to publicly log may be approved by officer or guild leaders. So long as there is a joint reason to do so. Example: We are having problems healing and we deem it necessary to use a site like WoW Analyzer.

The person in question left the guild on host progression and recently made the first three bosses in the tier public. If we could contact him to ask him to make them private we would but he has us all on ignore or will not speak to us. We wish to have these logs taken down or privatized if possible.

Thank you for your time and the wonderful site,


Out of curiosity, why do you want to keep them private? The kills seem ordinary, not really competing for anything at this point, and public logs help recruit better people. Like I recruit for my guild, and I fully expect any trial to check out our logs. It shows they care and want to be good. So yea, why does it matter?

P. S: I genuinely want to know, I’m not trying to be elitist or anything. Might be useful for my guild as well!