Individuals publishing guild "private" logs

Hello Kihra,

We recently have had an issue in our wow guild where an ex-member of our guild has published logs he had taken during his time with us. We have policies against having any logs (good or bad) being published for Mythic.

We have spoken to the ex-member several times, we have spoken to his new guild management, but the issue remains.

Is there any way we can force these logs to be taken down?

Could there perhaps be a new system where if two people publish logs of the same encounter then there could be a check in the system to see if one of the logs was flagged as private?

If the log flagged as private belongs to a guild, and the majority of people in the log are associated with that guild, then the only option available to either log should be limited to either unlisted or private?

I am not sure how much work this would take to implement, or if it even is the best solution. I thought a lot of guilds which privately log would love to see a feature along these lines being implemented, as it can be a headache to deal with this situation.

I just want to say that I pug and run logs all the time. Often I pug with guild runs. This is a slippery slope you are asking her to deal with because your idea infringes on my right to post logs. Get over the fact that logs are public if the individual logging chooses it to be so.