Logs deleted/switched private

Long story short I started a trial in a guild of stubborn/shouty people and saved my own logs since I knew I wouldn’t stay there for long. I need these logs also to move to a new guild so people can see how I perform. Why are these being switched to private or even deleted without my consent?

My personal logs are saved onto the guild Giorgio - Pozzo dell’eternita

In particular someone appears to have deleted my Guldan mythic kill from 20th April. Please reupload that asap.


The guild in question complained (justifiably) that their private progression was being made public against their wishes. You do not get to expose a guild’s private kills against their wishes. (This feature will soon be canonicalized as a new guild setting.)

Also, stop using a fake guild for your logs and put them in your personal logs instead. There’s no reason to be uploading your logs to a fake guild on a random server when you have a personal log space for your own logs.

Thanks Kihra for replying. I got the point about my personal logs - that
guild was just an old setup.

This doesn’t really help me much though . I trialed in a guild of bragging
idiots who after I left decided to be funny in the Wow progress page. Why
don’t I get to show my old strength through my logs for the first Guldan
mythic kill ( where I was the top performing healer for ilvl) and get back
at the GM of said guild who died twice in one of the last tries?

Of course it was a guild log, but clearly also my log. Is it really fair to
single players to prevent them from accessing/showing others their
performance to for example move to a different guild?
And be honest is a 1+ month old log so the need for secrecy for said sad
guild maybe is not so strong.
Anyway I am a big admirer of your work with WarcraftLogs so will take your
final decision for it.


Just so I am clearer: I am not trying to be an ass but these guys have been behaving badly with me for 2 months and when I left the guild these guys wrote this in the guild WoWProgress now in a clear attempt to get back at me: Currently on the lookout for 1x Healer (Any Class) That is capable of grasping mechanics, listens to callouts and knows tactics by the end of a tier xd

I think is within my right to show that actually I was one of the top performers in the tries leading to and in the first Guldan mythic kill and that the ones dying stupidly in the many tries were often officers of said guild.

The logs need to stay private. Stop making them public please.

Thanks - I will do but do you mind replying to my point? As a player who
wants to show his performance when applying to other guilds, should I not
rely on WCL at all? I didn’t sign a contract with this guild, I logged my
performance to a raid I attended : why should I not be allowed to use my
own data? Is WCL a tool just to support guilds rather than single players?


Guild rights trump user rights. I believe very strongly in this principle.

To give you other examples:

(1) Player who did logs for a guild goes to another guild and steals all the guild’s logs and moves them to his personal space. I do not allow that and pull the logs back into the guild.
(2) Player leaves a guild but was the one who uploaded all the logs to the guild. I sever that player’s connection to their own logs and they no longer control them.
(3) Guild does not public log. (Your example.) The player should not be allowed to expose that guild’s fights to everyone against that guild’s wishes.

Put simply, the happiness of an entire guild is more important than the happiness of one user. I’d rather have one person upset than 20 people upset.

I can see your point but you are assuming the majority of the guild
supports having private logs rather than just the GM/officers.
Second point - if we were talking about world first logs where guilds are
still developing tactics etc I would agree with you - but we are actually
talking about a top 200 kill being uploaded 1+ months after the event.
You are just being nice/helping a group of arrogant people (as shown by
what I posted above) supporting their (wrong) claim about a single player.
I have been in other guilds using private logs before (ie Prime) and never
posted them - if I felt obliged to do so here is purely because of the
people I am dealing with.