"Untag" self from log

My guild has adopted a very pleb strategy for Mythic Tichondrius, it will be forever impossible for me to achieve any remotely competitive ranking with how we do it at the moment (unlikely to convince them to change strats either).

Why is there not a way to remove yourself from certain logs in public display? My other logs are all competitive within the 95th+ percentile and it really really bothers me that this will show against my will on a public profile.

They also insist on making all logs public and will not make M Tich private…

The ability to “cherry pick” which parses you show would ruin the data and information. I can’t allow that ever. Everyone would just hide all parses where they did poorly.

One of the options in the settings is to make the logs for your character hidden, though this is a blanket setting and hides everything. Is it not possible to expand this feature to include a boss by boss basis?

There would be no cherry picking in this way, I would be happy with blacklisting all my Mythic Tichondrius logs from showing. I have no problem with my logs being registered on pulls where I screwed up/died/had unfavourable mechanics or otherwise as it is easy enough for me to improve them in the future. However I am likely going to be stuck with this guild strat for a long time, and the uploaders in the guild don’t seem to care about making the logs private either.