Is it possible to "force" no logging of guild raids?

As a guild my group is trying to get people more focused by putting logs to private, however people insist to run their own logs and post them up under dummy accounts to hide their identity. Is there some way to stop this from happening besides just trying to sniff out who it is doing this?

Not yet. It is a feature that I definitely want to implement though.

Please don’t.
Making logs private because a raid leader thinks that will make raders more “focused” is very egoistic and silly reason. It is also against freedom as he is trying to force his view upon others.
If someone is not “focused” go and talk him (or even remove from the guild if it is something that can not be fixed).
Also, I bet that this RL himself asks to provide logs when he considers a new apps yet he wants to force his own raiders to have no logs.

I tend to agree with Dwoggurd, it should not be up to someone else if I’m allowed to post logs or not. If there is a good reason and a solid team spirit I would assume people won’t do it if asked too. If they still do it’s a sign that something is afoot in that raid. That’s not something you can handle (nor something that should be handled) by censorship.