- Access to guild private logs when we want to reference them

Hi all,

I’m the GM of a Mythic raiding guild (also new to this forum) and I need some advice on how to handle a situation involving private logs and players joining other guilds.

The specific scenario is when said player wants to leave and in good terms. As a GM I do want to help with references for that player however that will include access to our logs.
My officers want to use Stealth mode and Private logs (we have had public logs up to this point) to avoid poaching mostly (not that it has been an issue but better safe than sorry).

One of the officers objects that this will screw up whomever leaves in good terms so I wanted to figure out a middle ground if exists one.

So for example, is it possible for said player to ask permission via wowlogs to view specific logs?
Have other people been in this situation before? How have you all handled it?

Thank you in advance :slight_smile: