Post here if your character page is bugged (duplicates or main -> alt merge)


main :아즈샤라/흰둡
alt :

and If you search as below,
(link :흰둡)
three characters will pop up. please solve this problem too.


my character has been duplicated and has not been updated the log of antorus heroic march 11.(that log is

please fix the matters and update the log.

thank you very much

please fix the matters and update the log.
thank you


When the character searches, there are two, and the log is gone.


looks like there is a problem with my character. Typing 군계-아즈샤라(Azshara)kr results in 2 found chars with the same name/server. Character information and updates are not displayed
Two consecutive weeks log has not been updated아즈샤라/군계

Can you solve the problem of two characters search?


hi kihra, i have a problem.


i can find two. These characters are same character.

And this character’s log is not updating.

Fix these problems please. THANK YOU.
(sorry my english is not good)


plz correct this.

main :아즈샤라/unholyfrenzy

sub :아즈샤라/unholyfrenzy



Main :아즈샤라/듣고

merged with


plz check


pls fix :slight_smile:


All should be fixed.



The logs on my main are now back.
But in the server all star list is my twink listed.
This is my main:
Can you solve that too?
Thank you in advance!


All Stars will be fixed when it next computes (give it 24 hours).


Lasten week and Today log has not been updated for my character while others were updated.

character logs :아즈샤라/rhapxody
ID : Rhapxody
SERVER : 아즈샤라(KR)

same raid to either character’s logs:아즈샤라/rhapxody


Name: Hasslesham (Enhancement Shaman with AoTC)
Server: Tichondrius
American servers

When I search for my character name: Hasslesham on Tichondrius there are two accounts that show up.
Neither account shows gear. Nor are they updating parses or boss completions. Both accounts show 0 for boss completions when on Heroic they have been all completed some multiple times. Raider IO has correct progress and gear.

Groups who use your boards assume I have not played and/or all parses are grey for there have been no updates.

Can you please delete both accounts and I will try to upload again to see if that fixes the problem?

Let me know.


Hello, my character seems to not be updated at all, even though i uploaded logs. Character is stuck at Level 105, even though I’m deffinetely not level 105.


All should be fixed.



My main has split into two characters (I think from having to remove and re-link my ID).
Two character pages:



My shaman’s entire logs (i.e. Mystic, heroic, normal logs) have been removed, and two same characters are shown in the search results when I search for my shaman.

Please kindly check and restore the logs.

Below is the link to the pertinent character’s logs.하이잘/rosejam

F.Y.I, my character is Rosejam in Hyjal (kr)