Character Merge Bug - Please help

Howdy, so I’ve come across an interesting bug, though I imagine you’ve seen it before.

My old Main Daemonlight-Silvermoon server & faction transferred over to Daemeous-Horde, the merge worked fine. I’ve recently relevelled a new priest on Silvermoon, by the same name; Daemonlight. The new logs by Daemonlight are still being merged into my Daemeous as they are being wrongly attributed to the old Daemonlight which gets merged into Daemeous. I’d appreciate it if you could fix this for me or show me how to, I did a look around to see if I could find a solution without bothering anyone but it seems I can’t find it if it does exist, terribly sorry! - Old Daemonlight (Has new logs) - New Daemonlight (Has no logs but should have) - Daemeous (old Daemonlight transferred)