BUG! Character missing

So normally when you change a character name, it merges the two within your settings after syncing your bnet. This did not happen. Both my old character/name and new character/name do not show up under Battle.net Characters and Guilds or on sidebar visibility. if i type in my old name to search, it doesnt exist anymore, yet when i type in my new name, it still doesnt exist.

both raider io and wow armory are updated and showing my character exists.
i have already tried syncing my account again, removing my bnet and adding it back, hard logging out of both bnet and game and have hit update characters a dozen times.

can someone look into this please?

You didn’t mention your old/new character names and servers.

Sorry, i really didnt want to disclose my name change publicly due to being forced to change it. is there a way to email or message them to you privately?