All horde characters not appearing in list of characters after name change

I recently changed my character’s name to ÐëäthWälkër (Ðëäthwälkër) and since then, all my horde characters have disappeared from my account on warcraft logs.

This is the last report he is visible on, which I logged myself. I raided the other night with some friends who were logging and they said they couldn’t even see my name on the logs, but I showed up WoWAnalyzer just fine.

The only character appearing in my settings is my alliance paladin.

Any help would be appreciated.

Please send mail to with this information. There was a bug with the use of Blizzard’s new API that has since been fixed, so you may want to try updating again first.

I did. No response. @Kihra

Support takes a few days. The site has 400,000 daily users. Can’t expect an instant response. :slight_smile:

Also, did you try updating again? As mentioned, there was a bug that got fixed.

@Kihra oh I totally get it! I’m not mad. This time I did get a support ticket confirmation though, so that’s a start.

I did update, link, unlink, log in, out, etc. I tried every which way on my own. But thank you for the help!

@Kihra it unfortunately wasn’t tickled. I guess we wait for support!

@Kihra can we unmess this up soon?

I don’t even appear on that log. And it’s hurting me bad.

So last night I changed another characters name, and now they appear! @Kihra . But my main still isn’t there.

Whats your main’s name and server?