Post here if your character page is bugged (duplicates or main -> alt merge)


This is a problem with Blizzard’s API. For whatever reason, it’s giving me a level 100 shaman from a month ago and not giving me your character. I have pinged the Blizzard API folks to ask what’s going on.


Thanks again for all the work you put in, Kihra!.. I see you replied to the latest post, but not to mine - just making sure, did u catch it? :slight_smile: no stress, but when you have time, could u xfer to ?? Ideally without the monk logs, but if that’s a lot of effort, I don’t mind them all being xfered.


Problem fixed, thanks Kihra!


Main - Alinadice on Whisperwind US
Alt - Poochiray on Thrall US

Duplicated both same id and some logs didnt updated in week please figure quikily


Hey Kihra!

My toon is finally showing up as a hunter instead of a shaman. Slight hiccup though, some logs were erased from my toon’s page.

The toon in question -
The non-included logs -
Specifically Imonar>Coven.

Thanks for the site and all the work you do!



looks like there is a problem with my druid. Typing Kalilkol-Malygos results in 2 found chars with the same name/server. So the char seems to be “doubled”. Opening one of the links show 0 kills for any boss of antorus (incorrect), no gear and some older logs.

Being logged in and clicking the druid in the right panel however, shows correct gear but only the newest log:

Any idea on how to solve the “doubled” as well as the “split” problem?

Ty in advance!


Idk what’s going on, but its broken / not updating. Posted here to make it easier to fix. Thanks!


The problem is already solved. Ty! This was quick and everything works fine now.


Hey, please merge my characther after transferring as Im seeing its just avail.

Tdevs - Tarren Mill and Stormreaver with Tdevs - Draenor

Ty and thanks for all the work you put in :slight_smile:


This thread is specifically for duplicate characters on the same server (caused by mains merging into alts, etc.). This is not a thread to post just to ask two characters from different servers be merged.


I understand, but I don’t think I got it clear. When I used the automatic tool, it merged my silvermoon logs with my Kazzak logs (from the start of legion) and NOT draenor, which is what I wanted. The tool said that there were “2 possible matches for this character” or something, I clicked “merge” and it merged only one of which, and that was the server I only had one reset on :confused: I suck at explaining but ye. I understand if you cba fixing this, no hard feelings, but it was worth asking <3…


merged with


Main: 길리두-azshara-kr

Got merged with my alt

Alt: 벌레만도못한것-azshara-kr



Seem to be merged. Redmaine’s logs not appearing.


merged with

merged with alt아즈샤라/뽕판사


Should be all fixed.


Hey Kihra, since my toons merging a lot of logs have disappeared from the character page.

Namely these -
The character in question is -



Merged with :