Post here if your character page is bugged (duplicates or main -> alt merge)


Main bifurcated
help please. save my old logs :frowning:


Shows 2 chars and doesnt update at all. Also shows level 107 with normal logs


Duplicate character and recent logs are not updating.


All caught up.


Logs uploaded yesterday were assigned to a (new id) duplicate character page. Links below: – new id – my original character page with all prior logs


Main: Amaranthea - Hyjal
Alt: Amaranthea - Kel’Thuzad

Logs from my Hyjal paladin were moved to my Kel’Thuzad paladin when it was created. All mythic logs to this date should be on my Hyjal paladin.

duplicate char


pieceofkebab from kazzak , all my logs dissapear 2 days ago


My main Buns is bugged

Doesn’t show percentiles.


Merged with andíghtoflol
Please merge the ones on defias / alonsus with my main on slyvanas


Hello, all of my rankings were erased/went missing, only the 3 heroic bosses I killed last week are updated, everything prior to it is gone, I can still see how many times I killed them (mythic, heroic, normal). I can still find my character in my guild’s logs though.
Is there any way to restore it?


merged with



Got duplicates of it and it does not update on the character page after uploaded logs.

Best regards


Amendment request불타는-군단/늦기전에죽기전에


hello,아즈샤라/cooleric merged아즈샤라/cooleric and아즈샤라/cooleric



All caught up. As a reminder, this is about bugged characters, not about random merges you’d like me to perform. That is not happening right now, just bug fixing.


Duplicates of and parses not updating.

Parses do update under but can’t find myself under search, have to manually click through personal logs ranking.




I don’t know what happend but my character log page didn’t update for a two weeks.
I think it’s better to post my character’s page here. thx!


The same problem occurred again!!