Post here if your character page is bugged (duplicates or main -> alt merge)

There was a bug for a couple of days where mains could get merged into alts by accident. If this happened to you, you can post here. Trying to keep this all in one thread so it’s easy for me to check.


Main: Deshcoker-Sargeras(was a rename from tuindapink)
merged with
Alt: Maesbff-Draka

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Should be fixed now.

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So basically i cant find my toon anymore!
A few days ago my character seems to have just disappeared. I can still see my self from guild logs but i cant find him by searching.
My toon is called “Tormund” on “Frostmourne” server (Oceanic Server)
I have been reading some of the other posts here and people seem to have a similar issue when they server or name change but i didnt do that!

Log for my main character is removed and transferred to sub character.

Please kindly check below characters.

Main: Analysis of main character


Both of these should be fixed.

Main: Hapik-C’thun
merged witth
Alter: Hapik-Dun’Modr

Thx!This was weird

All caught up. Keep 'em coming. :slight_smile:

Main: Wakefulx-Tichondrius -

Merged with

Alt: Wakefulz-Tichondrius -

Thanks Kihra.

Main: Slangblade - Illidan
Alt: Cripplefritz - Sargeras

my friend has same problem
plz correct this.

main :세나리우스/쇼링

sub :세나리우스/쁘링


Main :아즈샤라/epoplexy
merged witth
Sub :아즈샤라/xanthoma

All the above should be fixed.

Main: zovb-Dun Modr EU ->
Alter: kiràma - Dun Modr EU ->

Should be fixed.

Main: Critisierer - Dun Morogh (
merged with
Alt: Saufschädl - Dun Morogh (ädl)

Main: Chocobowl - Dun Morogh (
merged with
Alt: Supertree - Dun Morogh ( )

Both have been fixed.

Main: Konahh - Silvermoon

Merged with

Alt: Konahh - Twisting Nether