Post here if your character page is bugged (duplicates or main -> alt merge)


Main: Konahh - Silvermoon

Merged with

Alt: Konahh - Twisting Nether


Main: Ponyboi - Blackhand |
Alt: Billdauteriv - Whisperwind |

Ponyboi - Blackhand used to be these toons below.
Ponyboi - Fizzcrank |
And before a name change it was
Imgongetcha - Fizzcrank |
Wasn’t sure if these were supposed to get merged, but included them regardless.


Both should be fixed.


my main: Gapsky-Dalaran had all of his logs switched over to an alt of mine: Gapsky-kael’thas


Hello, I logged in today and also checked while not logged in and found that all my logs are gone, parses, etc. I can go to my guild and see performance numbers there but when I check my profile its all blank for each boss. Please help if its possible to restore them.

Thanks for your time Warcraftlogs team.



Hey my alts logs got merged with my alt and my main seems like erases nothing but the kills can u plz fix it? Warlock Capslóck Twisting Nether with Cãpslock-Ravencrest


All should be fixed.


Main: Teeswìft-Sargerasìft

merged with

Alt: Teeswîft-Sargerasîft


The logs for my character Hjalmar-Illidan have disappeared. Only logs which have been added in the last week are showing and all other characters on my account were unaffected by this issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Both have been fixed.



Kadah on Thrall was merged into my alt, which is Kadah in Hyjal. Please let me know if there is anything I need to do.


Main: Døgflays-Argent Dawn.

Got merged with my alt priest

Alt: Priestgødx-Argent Dawn


Logs from my main have been transferred to an alt when they shouldn’t have been.




Main: 화집-azshara-kr (110 lvl.)
merged wtih
alt: 화집-Hyjal-kr (100 lvl,)


I’ve been to Antorus last week without fixing this problem.
So last week’s combat log has to be added to the past logs
and then connected with my main character.
Thank you!


Main : jaina - hyjal(하이잘) - kr

Alt : 메데이아 - hyjal(하이잘) - kr

log fix please

#38 maincharacter got merged into


All caught up.


Hey kihra! Thank you for all of your hard work! <3 I’ll get right to it:

The character Nìz on Draenor I want transfered to Níz on Silvermoon.


The automatic tool did not work (most likely because I have a monk with the same name on the realm of the opposing faction, idk) …


Good afternoon Kihra.

My character Lilpumpx -
has been name changed to
Scottie -

The problem is that i can’t get the new name to sync with my bnet and he is appearing as an enhancement shaman instead of an MM hunter.

Thanks for all that you do!