Post here if your character page is bugged (duplicates or main -> alt merge)


My character is appearing twice and is not up to date(still showing as level 110).아즈샤라/에다드스타크


duplicate character - empty profile page


My main:
but all my parse are shown on.
Can you please fix this. <3


i cant not find my charactor


I can not search my character

KR region - 아즈샤라 sever - 120lv paladin


Thank you for your service. When I search my ID, I see two characters, and I can not find the logs of both characters. Please help me to see the log of my ID.


My character’s page only shows a few parses from week 1 of raiding:

See guild log from this week where I was present:



now i search my id have two result both아즈샤라/초콧찌 and아즈샤라/초콧찌. and two log all not ranking

please merged two log to this log have ranking.
please solve this problem…


i cant not find my charactor


id: 높사나-아즈샤라
i cant not find my charactor ㅠㅠ


My character seems duped in some way, from the guild logs can’t access to my char:
As you can see my char has no Best rank and if you go to the char goes nowhere.
While my profile if I go by myself:
It shows perfectly fine.
Many thanks,


My character duplicated itself when you search my name, but it’s not updating logs on the searched profile.

Here’s the character that can be found while searching - - shows no activity.

This is the character that I can access through my character list and through my guilds roster. -


I have a problem with my main the page is duplicated and some log is not loading.


Main(real LOG) :
Alter(can be Searched) :아즈샤라/유앗


I am not quite sure if this is where I need to post this but this is my maináurelia I recently server transfered her and her previous logs got merged to instead of where my main is nowía is there anyway I can fix this?


Main(real LOG) :아즈샤라/침대왕존슨



[o] true


Main character:
Merge this character: [Bawth]

My shadowpriest Ksea old name is Bawth.
I used the name Bawth for my new character - a warlock.
I renamed my warlock to Bawths(added an s)
Profile for when my shadowpriest was named Bawth is gone


Please merge


Andorhal is my active server for Shreq. I spoke with Kihra in Discord yesterday but there was an issue with duplication due to the personal achievement character only option which has since been disabled.


really rog (실제 로그) :

lie rog (오류 로그)아즈샤라/똥마려워도참는법