Post here if your character page is bugged (duplicates or main -> alt merge)



I can not log update
Is it a bug?아즈샤라/황소인더카우


hi my holy priest character Secilia (kr-아즈샤라) information is not updating plz fix it
Thank you


My character is not found아즈샤라/ajura

but It exists here


renamed my char and logs are crazy, plz fiz it!!!


My character’s name is “ranker-Azshara”.아즈샤라/ranker

My problem is two.

  1. I registered my character’s log, but both the general and the hero log is gone. I want to restore my logs.
    -Log 1(general):
    -Log 2(hero):

  2. If you search for my character name, two characters of the same character are searched on the same server. I want to fix this.


Server = Stormreaver
Character name = DPS (all capitals)
Class = BM Hunter
Guild name = We Were Soldiers
logs =

Dear Warcraft Logs,

For some reason my main character (whom i raid on) does not show up in the “rankings” area of the website. It does however showup under the “damage done” part of the website as well as i can see my parses there.

Why does it not show up under the “rankings” part. I’ve got some 99% parses i’d like there.

My character’s name is “DPS” (all capitals) and i’m wondering if that is the reason why? All my other toons show up, except it.

I’m the one that does the logs - its under our guild name (shown above) and my name “Chad”

Please advise, Thanks!

-Chad Bertelsmeier - DPS Hunter



My character (свежеватель-душ/Хардстрайкер) has been duplicated and has not been updated the log of Uldir (

Please, fix the matters and update the log.

Thank you!


Alt: Neope - Tirion (Nightelf)
to -> NêØ - Tirion (Dwarv) to-> (MAIN) Nêope-Tirion (dark iron dwarv)

ty alot man. Hope u can fix this. :slight_smile:


That report is still in the queue for processing. There’s backlog at the moment because of how many reports the site is having to deal with.


I´ve recently changed name and race of my character. Now it shows as 2 differen Character in warcraftlogs. Is it possible to fuse those 2 into one?

Old Mage:

New Mage:

Thanks in advance.



my character’s information is not updating.

i click update, but Item Level, Last Logout, Last Update, Gear, Recent Activity is not change.아즈샤라/이코나



I can not find my character


My character is appearing twice and is not up to date(still showing as level 110).

#286 old character pre transfer New character post transfer


Hi! My char does not show up and does not appear to have a character page. Name: Celeborn-Aszune. I earlier transfered a char with the same name to another server, and remade Celeborn a couple of months ago. I can find him in logs: ,
but I can not search for him. Are you able to help? :slight_smile:


Hi seems like some logs are linked to a non existing Char of mine

For example all the rankings on this log
lead up to this page

it says the correct stuff, but its my old warlocks page who transferred servers already

The correct page would be


my id can.t check


can.t see my logs…