Post here if your character page is bugged (duplicates or main -> alt merge)



My name is recorded on the logs, but you can’t search for my character specifically. Watahh-Shandris


This is my character i deleted the previous character same name but different character and i change de race it was a blood elf and now a mag’har orc,

this is the parses i did with my guilde

can you do something plz ?


Hi my logs are not showing despite being logged public, also my char is showing twice after a realm transfer.

Character was:

Character is now:

Would be cool if it is also possible to merge the chars so that old alliance logs are showing on horde ones.

Thanks in advance


Netconf -> Aulira -> Valisdra

Hello. I changed my Name from Netconf -> Aulira in Legion.
In BFA from Aulira to Valisdra.
The Site link now Netconf(Legion) -> Valisdra(New).
But it need to link Aulira(Old-Bfa) -> Valisdra(New-Bfa)

Can u change it from Netconf (Antonidas) to Valisdra (Antonidas)

I lose all my logs :’(



My character Luke-Kazzak is duplicated and is not being updated, I suspect a name change being the cause.

no logs are showing up under my character, thanks
There is 2 of this same character on the same realm with the same name for some reason.

character is showing 2 times
no logs and gear are showing



This is strange. Cant select Bosses or Logs. Cant see text only icons.



bugged and stopped recording logs, and does not show gear, might of merged with:

since that (bd) is a transfer of asila and the current asila is a remake.

강력 - kr- 아즈샤라 <— paladin <— i want delete
강력 - kr -아즈샤라 <— rogue


Hi my main moove a lot in realm and got rename.

Can you please merge all data from all old page into my main page , then delete old page ?

Old :

Jiänna EU-Archimonde
Jiänna EU-Hyjal
Jianna EU-Ysondre

Main :

Jianna EU-Hyjal


Main: Velzz-Ragnaros
Merged with
alt: Vélzz-Tichondrius
alt: Velzz-Ragnaros (old logs?)


After I renamed my character cannot be found anymore:

old: silvermoon-reznixx
new: silvermoon-askì

there are already new logs from the guild including the new named character, but still he cannot be found


A few days ago I renamed my Char Câligâtio-Antonidas to Anvenara-Antonidas. Also I changed the name of my alt from Anvenara-Antonidas to Deya-Antonidas.
My account was always linked to my Bnet Account.
Now all my main logs from Anvenara- Antonidas (former Câligâtio-Antonidas) are deleted but the kills are listed. My main is now in the character history of Deya-Antonidas.
Now I’m looking for help.

To keep it short:

Old: Câligâtio-Antonidas
New: Anvenara-Antonidas


Renamed character and I see that not all my logs from Uldir moved with me. I would like to merge my old and my new page.

Old: Katherinea - Argent Dawn (EU)

New: Fairytears - Argent Dawn (EU)


i can’t find my charactor

id 키스만할게-하이잘(kr)

only personal log i can find