Post here if your character page is bugged (duplicates or main -> alt merge)



My name is recorded on the logs, but you can’t search for my character specifically. Watahh-Shandris


This is my character i deleted the previous character same name but different character and i change de race it was a blood elf and now a mag’har orc,

this is the parses i did with my guilde

can you do something plz ?


Hi my logs are not showing despite being logged public, also my char is showing twice after a realm transfer.

Character was:

Character is now:

Would be cool if it is also possible to merge the chars so that old alliance logs are showing on horde ones.

Thanks in advance


Netconf -> Aulira -> Valisdra

Hello. I changed my Name from Netconf -> Aulira in Legion.
In BFA from Aulira to Valisdra.
The Site link now Netconf(Legion) -> Valisdra(New).
But it need to link Aulira(Old-Bfa) -> Valisdra(New-Bfa)

Can u change it from Netconf (Antonidas) to Valisdra (Antonidas)

I lose all my logs :’(