Post here if your character page is bugged (duplicates or main -> alt merge)


Hi kihra,

i was doing some name changing recently and the logs on my DK swapped into my 101 shaman… the most important one from when it was called velkhoze… idk if u can fix that on anyway but… its weird having a 101 character with your mains raid parses XD

Death K…



Main not showing up in search, but shows two empty characters.
Main found when authorized through

Showed in search:


Thank you.



I had a paladin on the realm draenor with logs called Seyumi. I then deleted another character on the same realm called Aelania and name changed my paladin to Aelania and now my logs are gone and when I search the name on warcraftlogs it shows my deleted mage instead of my paladin.

Appriciate a fix, thanks.


Main Phoé -
Merged with
Alt Phoelo (Name Change) -

Thanks :slight_smile:



Changed realm from Draenor to Frostwhisper. Logs not following, due to name change ??


My pages are bugged… Trarm / Sanel-Wyrmcrest Accord, all my parses are gone


I have been gettign this bug too but from fflogs,

Main character Naoshi Hanazawa:

To alt Naoshi Hanazawa:


Main - Tigermist-Tarren-mill

Renamed to - Nasira-Tarren-mill

Is it possible to get my logs back? Neither character can be found through the search tool currently.



The following log:

Is uploading to my main here:
Instead of my alt, here:



I name changed my main on Sargeras from Wifu to Jendra. My kill counts for bosses show, but I cannot merge the old character logs. I tried to use the tool to do a manual merge, but for some reason on my main and another one of my characters it doesn’t give the option.


My Monk Akiko from Area 52 - a link of an actual log did not upload to the race changed/ name changed character

I can’t find Akikos page at all but here is the name/raced changed monk. can you fix my logs so they all show.

can you merge them?


Can you merge this character with


I changed my nickname, but log of the previous has not been conneted.

The previous name is Wildhunt-KR-하이잘.

The present name is 사각지대-KR-하이잘

Please Link the previous log to the present log. thanks.


my character’s information is not updating

logs, items, item lvl, everthing

please figure quikily



I transferred my mage Laakai - Mal’Ganis to Laakaii - Stormreaver :

I made a monk named Laakai - Mal’Ganis :
I didn’t know seeing my old mage parses on my monk was a bug, but I just now noticed I can’t see them on my monk anymore and I was wondering if the old mage parses could still be merged onto my transferred mage.