Post here if your character page is bugged (duplicates or main -> alt merge)


Hi kihra,

i was doing some name changing recently and the logs on my DK swapped into my 101 shaman… the most important one from when it was called velkhoze… idk if u can fix that on anyway but… its weird having a 101 character with your mains raid parses XD

Death K…



Main not showing up in search, but shows two empty characters.
Main found when authorized through

Showed in search:


Thank you.



I had a paladin on the realm draenor with logs called Seyumi. I then deleted another character on the same realm called Aelania and name changed my paladin to Aelania and now my logs are gone and when I search the name on warcraftlogs it shows my deleted mage instead of my paladin.

Appriciate a fix, thanks.