Post here if your character page is bugged (duplicates or main -> alt merge)


The problem is that there are two same characters ID and logs are not appearing now.
fix please
its my character address
Server: hellscream (Korea)

ID : 던전가는꿈꿨어요헬스크림/던전가는꿈꿨어요


Could this be why my logs stayed on Blackhand with my alt warlock when i transferred my main warlock from Blackhand to Proudmoore? It checked and saw the same class/server was present so kept the logs there? How would i remove this so my logs will resync with my main warlock on Proudmoore?

Main Warlock - Mortikae Proudmooe
Alt Warlock (Now deleted) - Darsmell Blackhand


New: Kôopa-Blackmoore
Alt: Kôopa-Perenolde


Just wanted to update that Sharpspell- WRONG on Tichondrius had all his alts fixed from their duplication, but there is still a double of Sharpspell.

    -This link shows old parses of Mythic/Heroic/Normal Antorus, but nothing by “x#” of kills. Also stopped tracking my activity, stats, ilvl and so on.


  • This shows the Argus mythic kill parse and the amount of times I killed each boss, but no parses and so on for any difficulty. It also is correctly tracking my activity, ilvl, stats and so on unlike the first link.
    -Also under my settings in my account it says the character history for this character comes from Uldum and the other link character history comes from Proudmoore. All my Antorus parses come from Proudmoore (with the exception of my Aggramar/Argus and some heroic kills that comes from Tichondrius), and half of ToS comes from Uldum and Proudmoore.

After I transferred from Proudmoore to Tich. and got my Aggramar kill my wow logs page was correct, but it was not till our Argus kill( we extended lockout so there were no new parses and so on) that I realized that the Argus parse was not there until I noticed that Sharpspell had been doubled and the Argus parse/kill went to a character with no other recorded parses/kills or anything.

Not sure if this is needed but guild names were 'Legit-Proudmoore", then “positive mental attitude-Tichondrius” then the guild formed a new guild that I am currently in named “WRONG-Tichondrius”.

Sorry for the long explanation, just wanted to clarify.

#210 - Character that didnt get linked to the logs after realm transfer - Logs


All caught up. Reminder, this is only about duplication, not “My realm xfer didn’t work.”


Hi there!

I’m confused with my rogue page…
Like 3 days ago my logs became hidden (despite the fact i didn’t do anything about it).гордунни/эдминяша
I checked settings and my logs set as visible.
Ofc if i log in on warcraftlogs I can see all my logs.
Also strange things:
If I search my rogue, for some reason the rogue is duplicated in the search form.
Also new random run in heroic is applied to open logs"

Pls help me:)



Hi there my character is Bugged

I got two dupolicated names when I search Onefist-Illidan
None of the two shows ranking or gears.

But I can visit my character from this link

This one shows the corrrect information.

Please help fix.



Character had name change but page doesn’t reflect it.

New name is Xaiyan.

Here is a guild log with my new name:


I had a realm transfer. Would be neat if the old character data could be merged with the new character.


Thank you. :slight_smile:


My main has split into two characters (I think from having to remove and re-link my ID).
Two character pages:쁘티



Both my main and my alt have duplicates
Main: Herusx


Alt: Herusd

Alt Duplicate:


My main has been duplicated and the logs are split:

Please note, this happened BEFORE I realm transferred the character (several weeks before). After the transfer, the duplicate character correctly reflected the transfer, although the logs remained split.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Missing logs from transfer, please merge the Picopus Outland logs into Picopus Tarren Mill. :slight_smile:

Old Main Picopus - Outland
Logs are missing from transfer from Outland to Tarren Mill
New Main Picopus - Tarren Mill


Pls check this logs…there are not updated to my Charackter

Thanks :slight_smile:

#221 being shown as an old DH from same server


Alt has stolen my mains logs.




World no.1 Mistweaver Monks’ Antoran High Command Heroic Damage log is windwalker’s log. It casts windwalker skills but it’s on mistweaver!!

Please fix this and no.2(real first mistweaver’s damage!) log should be 100.

Same on Imonar.


ID change bug


Main : 안철수 - azshara - kr

Alt : 안철수 - azshara - kr

log fix please