Post here if your character page is bugged (duplicates or main -> alt merge)


My character’s log is not updated.



MAIN :아즈샤라/악사아닌데요
ALT :아즈샤라/악사아닌데요


Duplicate character as well아즈샤라/위대한아이유



All caught up.


MAIN :아즈샤라/여성가족부장관
ALT :아즈샤라/여성가족부장관


Recently transferred my character; back to Wyrmrest Accord, and deleted the placeholder druid I had left there. The alt doesn’t exist, but Zerra’s logs aren’t updating at all. Thank you for helping!

Logs are here:


Caught up.


Transfered character recently from Ravencrest (Alliance) to Twisting-Nether (Horde) and need logs merged from old server to new one please…

Old char logs :

New char logs :






Caught up. Reminder: this is about duplicated characters, not about just asking for random merges.



I had a GM help me swap names of two of my characters. I now have jumbled Character profiles ( Previously Bedtim is showing my Druid logs) (Previously Dingus showing my Demon hunter logs) ( My demon hunter before the name change showing Druid logs as well)


Seems like all my toons got duplicated…posting the ones I know of. Thanks Kihra!ís


Seems when i x-ferred all of my logs went to my alt.

Main was Mortikae - Blackhand US
Transferred to Proudmoore US as Mortikae

My logs were placed on an alt warlock i leveled named Darsmell - Blackhand US

I have sense deleted Darsmell to try and resolve the issue with no luck.

Mortikae - Blackhand’s old logs (now showing as Darsmell an alt)

Mortikae’s new logs on Proudmoore


After my mythic argus kill my logs seemed to make a duplicate of me for some reason. The 1st link shows all my old kills on all bosses from proudmoore and after a server and faction swap to Tichondrius. The 2nd link shows the argus kill and the amount of kills of all the other bosses but no parses or rankings. I checked and made sure all the old combat logs are still there from proudmoore and from our aggramar kill on Tichondrius. Sharpspell has been the name from all the servers/guilds. The second link is the character who is in the guild “WRONG” that should have all the parses/kills ranked and so on.

Also it seems all my characters under my bnet were duplicated but my main concern is my Shaman Sharpspell-Tichondrius in the guild ‘WRONG’.


Thank you!


Hi, so I basically don’t know what happened to my logs. They just disappeared. I cant find them on one of my alts too. So would be nice if you could look what happened or maybe fix it. :confused:


Plz check this duplicated character:)권격도


i have trouble with my logs아즈샤라/특임조싫어요

it should have been updated when other guys upload logs, but my account isn’t updated
and it has double-nickname, although i have only one account and name, but log sites show me there are two same nicknames in game, but those are both my account( cuz there are same logs{still not updated},vocation)
plz have a check it


I’ve run an automated script to remerge all duplicated characters. I’ve also changed the algorithm to not consider you a new character no matter what changes as long as the data that is there corresponds to the same class and server.