Post here if your character page is bugged (duplicates or main -> alt merge)


ID and server changed.
However, the logs are being updated by the old ID and server.
Changed identity and server are not found in log page

old ID and server:아즈샤라/제임스맥스웰
new ID and server:데카르트
wow web site:데카르트

please T.T


I just transferred my warlock, Mfw-Lightbringer US, to Thrall US around 2~3am est.

I had was holding the name Theorycraft on my 110 shaman from Thrall US(who had normal and heroic parses) for my warlock. I name changed my shaman to Nickshaman, and replaced my warlocks name with Theorycraft.

Now when I go to Theorycraft-Thrall logs page, it displays my shamans elemental heroic and normal parses instead of my warlock Mfw-Lightbringer parses. It does, however, show my warlock’s mythic kill count.

Could this just be a time related thing or could it possibly be a bug? I had auto rename/transfer enabled on my warlock prior to transferring and would really like this fixed if possible!

Old server lock:
New server lock:


I namechanged my Warlock from Nyrella-Draenor(EU) to Llyra-Draenor(EU). My Rogues name is Nyrella-Draenor(EU).

My Rogues page contains my Warlocks logs. Please fix.


I switched realms and my main: Aethael-zul’jin logs
did not switch over when i did the transfer from Æthael-mal’ganis


i changed my character “샛별이야” in hajal from the priest to the warlock after remove the priest. but the character list of the rog has two “샛별이야” in hajal, and i can’t upload the rog score.

#233 불타는 - 군단 / 꼬마발등불타는-군단/꼬마발등

Duplicate Change Request


Moved my character from Bloodscalp to Draenor (EU), would like to facilitate this change.
Last time I synced was in 2016, then now, after a month of the transfer, guess that was the issue.

Also my guild transfered as well, can you do anything about that?


Main: 별까루-불타는군단-KR

Got merged with my alt

Alt: 별까루-불타는군단-KR



Alls logs from the past two raids are outdated since the character changed realm, name.

And it is still linked with another bnet

Help pls?


Hi my character is bugged cant find it. And this is my main character
the bugged one is my warrior name is Romi used to be Samurosoul.


Hello, I have changed my nick and made a new character with old nickname.
And old log followed to the new character.하이잘/가브릴

Is it possible to erase all the old logs?
Thank you.



Hi. My upload page don’t work. Help please. One’s log archive is don’t upload now…아즈샤라/아담인


same character 2 pages



can’t log


I previously had a 110 Warrior named Briandain, which I then deleted and made a Mage with that same name (because I like the name whatcanIsay), and the Warrior logs still show on top of my Mage’s new logs: (another result pops up as

And here are the new logs that aren’t showing up on my toon:
Heroic here:
Normal here:

edit: I found the logs by going to the guild page and clicking on my toon found here however when I look my character up in the search bar I only get the results above.



I used my Alt as a name saver. Then renamed my alt and used the then free name for my main.


A mistake was made. My main was deleted and seems to be set to my main, eventhough that was my alt.

Now all my logs are gone from my character page.
In this image ( you can see what my main character page looked like.

All i wanted was the missing Aggramar mythic ranking to be added to my main.


My log does not work

Two characters are searched

I want quick fix.please

오프닝 on 아즈샤라 (demonhunter)


Hi kihra,

i was doing some name changing recently and the logs on my DK swapped into my 101 shaman… the most important one from when it was called velkhoze… idk if u can fix that on anyway but… its weird having a 101 character with your mains raid parses XD

Death K…