Post here if your character page is bugged (duplicates or main -> alt merge)


duplicate character


duplicate character


duplicate character


duplicate character




Thanks again.

plz fix this log thnx


There was a bug for my Warcraft Logs page. Plz check the link.


fix my log page…thx

my character log deleted


My shaman’s entire logs (i.e. Mystic, heroic, normal logs) have been removed, and two same characters are shown in the search results when I search for my shaman.

Please kindly check and restore the logs.

Below is the link to the pertinent character’s logs.아즈샤라/ground


Plz fix this log thx아즈샤라/ground


Duplicate character:
Main character:

Thanks for the help.


no chars have updated since march 8th, despite multiple runs w others who have had their logs/ranks updated

looks like at least for one of them I have a duplicate I can select in the char selection sidebar that has some of the missing logs (, so the others probably have duplicates floating out there too


Hi. my party player uploaded my logs, I see them in my personal logs,
in this log. 블라드러스트 is 60 score in garothi, 71score in sageras etc…

but as u can see they are not displayed here아즈샤라/블라드러스트

And as far as I’m aware others people’s logs were updated.
I updated page of my character during one day, however nothing change. Could you clarify please, what the reason for that bug? Thank you in advance.


I have got a bug on my logs.아즈샤라/수도아옳옳
There are two ID on this character and log can’t be uploaded.
Also I can’t see my character’s item detail

please check for me.


Duplicate character and recent logs are not updating.하이잘/용은준



All caught up.


Duplicate character as wellïs



MAIN :아즈샤라/악사아닌데요

ALT :아즈샤라/악사아닌데요