No Characters In Account

I logged in and linked my account. It shows guild memebers also. But when I try to set it to Automatic Management it says “You do not have any characters in this guild. If you switch to automatic management, you will be removed from the guild.” Would you help me resolve this issue?

What guild and server?

Sorry, Anomaly The Scryers. US

Switched you to management. Make sure you linked your characters. Note they need to be level 100+ and can’t be low level.

Will do that right now. Thank you.

So I will login with my acct?

Can log in however you want… just need to import your characters and link to

I must be the biggest idiot around. So sorry to keep bothering you. But when I go to Integration and click on The Click Here link to import my characters it starts working then refreshes the screen and nothing else. I am obviously not doing something I should.

You probably did not give WCL permission to view your characters when you first linked to Unlink from on WCL. Then go to and revoke WCL’s authorization completely. Then relink and this time make sure all the boxes are checked.

I’m somebody now!! Thank you so much. Sorry for being a royal pain in the …