Character not in guild

This is for Classic WoW.

I’m trying to claim my character, but it says my character is not in a guild.

I made a recent battlenet forum post to make sure it’s not stale.

I have a WCL account that is joined to the guild my character is in.

Any idea why this is the case?


Same problem. Have toon as Battlenet avatar, liked a post and even made a post, and now hours later, still told character is guildless even though Battlenet shows name and guild on Pagle. The “fix” to claiming a character is wrong, and the link to support for it is a Page 404!!!

Make sure you update your character on WCL after liking a forum post. The Update link is upper right on the character’s page.

Also, feel free to send mail to and someone can work with you to walk you through the steps.

Hi Kihra,

I did update my character. Previously it showed I was in an very old(8+ months) old guild. After updating it shows that I have no guild.

Note if the guild does not exist on WCL, it won’t show anything.

Maybe that is the issue. The guild exists, but the guild leader didn’t capitalize it the same.

In game the guild name is NightShift

in WCL the guild name is Nightshift.

The server is Thunderfury.

Is that something you can fix?

Yeah, fixed the guild name for you.

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That did it!

Thanks Kihra, you’re awesome!