Importing Characters fails


Brand new user to WarcraftLogs and so far its been nothing but confusing. When I clicked on connect to Battle.Net that seemed to work,
It then says “No characters or guilds have been imported yet from Click here to import your characters from, so that Warcraft Logs can discover what characters you own and what guilds you should belong to.” I click on Import and then the page just reloads.
I notice the URL changes to
I saw another thread which mentioned unlinking battlenet and relinking. I’ve done that and so far no difference at all.

Is there something I’m missing?

You probably didn’t give WCL permission to access your characters when you first linked. You had to check all the checkboxes to allow WCL access to your profile’s characters.

Go to your page and revoke WCL’s permissions, then unlink and relink on WCL, and this time make sure you check all the checkboxes.

Thanks that was it. I didn’t realise I’d unticked the Profile option