Unable to link Characters with my warcraftlogs profile

Im trying to link my battle.net account with warcraftlogs profile, when I went to option +update characters it keeps just reopening page and having :https://www.warcraftlogs.com/?access_failed=true:. So im pretty much unable to upload my chars to warcraftlogs page atm, can you solve this problem somehow?

When you first linked, you did not give WCL permission to view your characters. You need to revoke WCL’s authorization on the battle.net pages and then unlink/relink and this time check all the checkboxes.

Thanks for help, succeed to solve problem after your tip! All the best :slight_smile:

Hi, got the same problem too
The application isnt authorized yet, i can’t reach to log with my bnet account


Use www.warcraftlogs.com not language-specific subdomains.