Logs showing an hour of blank time before start

Almost all of the logs I am uploading seem to have an hour of blank before they start.

This is from a Mythic+ I ran last night.

The first entry in the log is timestamped “10/4 19:49:39.571”.
The challenge mode start is “10/4 19:50:37.789”
There was Combatant_Info that was never included in the log (a lot of detail is missing) at “10/4 19:50:37.789”
The first event was “10/4 19:50:51.622”

However, there is this extra hour at the start. This is there for all my raid logs as well, and it shows the duration as an hour longer than they were. This doesn’t happen for other guildmates who upload logs. It’s very strange.

Looking at the event log, even with the timestamps listed above, it shows the following.

Are you on OS X or Windows? Can you make the raw log file available somewhere?

I am uploading from OS X.

Is there a way I can PM you a download link? Either here or via Patreon.

OS X currently has a bug where timestamps are going backwards in time. I have sent a log file sample to Blizzard, so they know about it.

Okay, are the events logged with the right timestamp?

Would doing a
sort combatlog.txt combatlog_fixed.txt
before uploading fix the issue?

Not sure. I may try to code up a workaround if Blizzard doesn’t get a hotfix out for it soonish.

Okay, I might try it tonight and see. If it borks, then I will delete it.
If not I will let you know.
Hopefully this is the cause of a lot of the other issues I am encountering with some logs as well.

Okay - I did the following.

sort combatlog.txt > combatlog_fixed.txt

Then I reuploaded the log.

This fixed several issues.

  • The hour of blank time went away.
  • All of the rendering errors went away.
  • Events that weren’t registering for the logs went away. For example I couldn’t see the Status Events at all in the original upload, but in the new one they are working perfectly.

Just doing a simple sort of the combat log fixes all of these problems that had been bugging me. I am so glad to have a fix. Thank you very much.

Okay, I have found just doing a sort doesn’t quite fix all the issues, because it will put the combat start after the COMBATANT_INFO and that means they don’t show up in the logs.

If you do an automated fix for this (which would be awesome), please when you do the time sorting, ensure the combat start is the first entry in the timeslot.

At the moment I am having to fix this by hand :frowning:

Are the events in order in the log but just have messed up milliseconds? (BTW I believe Blizz has this fixed in 7.1.)

I really can’t tell. It looks like on OS X the log for some reason saves out of order. A couple of times you would see a spell land in the log, then the cast begin with an earlier timestamp.

If this is fixed in 7.1, that would be awesome.

As I said, since doing the sort A.txt > B.txt the only issue has been the combatant info, but that’s easily fixable until 7.1 lands (here’s hoping).

Update. This problem doesn’t happen ‘as often’ in 7.1, but it still happens. Have done about 20 runs, three of which have a couple of cases where there are timestamps that aren’t in chronological order, which on WarcraftLogs causes the hour of blank time still.

Example: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/LR37JxH2y19kzVfc