Boss kills marked as wipes

Had a few issues with some boss kills being marked as wipes. For example, we killed Heroic Tichondrius, but for some reason Warcraft Logs split the winning fight into 2 separate attempts. We didn’t get credit for the kill at all.

When I checked the actual log file, the ENCOUNTER_START and ENCOUNTER_END seemed to make sense for having one winning fight lasting about 6 minutes (instead of split into 59 seconds and 5’08").

This can happen if the logger disconnects and/or lags, causing a block of time to be missing from the logs. I have to treat fights as invalid if a block is missing from the log file.

What’s weird is that I didn’t disconnect on this fight or on other fights with a similar problem. I know it doesn’t mean much, but when I uploaded the same log file to World of Logs, it had no problem recognizing the fight as a kill rather than split into 2 fights.

For some reason, when I look at the uploaded fight, it’s showing the start time of the first split fight as 8:24 pm – but the second split fight as 9:25 pm. However, when I look at the actual combat log file, it shows the ENCOUNTER_START as “5/5 20:24:37.878” and the ENCOUNTER_END as “5/5 20:30:45.055.” That 6-minute interval does correspond correctly to the winning fight length.

Ah, this means that the timestamps in your log file are corrupted. This can happen if your system clock is having issues. World of Logs ignores this corruption, but I don’t, since I depend on the events occurring in chronological order. If a corrupted timestamp is found that goes backwards in time, I push it forward.

TLDR: Your system clock is malfunctioning, so figure that out, and your issues will go away.

That’d make sense, except for when I look at the actual log file, I don’t see any discrepancy in the timestamp. The encounter starts at 20:24:37.878 and ends at 20:30:45.055. Doesn’t that correspond to a 6-minute fight starting at 8:234 pm Pacific Time and ending at 8:30 pm PT?

Nowhere in the log file is there any timestamp for “5/5 21:XX:XX.XXX.”

At some point during the fight (and this will be very hard for you to find), an event had a timestamp that went backwards in time, i.e., that was earlier than the timestamp on the previous line. The only time this should ever occur “normally” is when Daylight Savings Time causes clocks to move backwards by an hour. That’s why I add an hour in my code, because it believes that’s what happened and it pushes the clock forward by an hour in order to keep the fight sane.

I know this was a problem on Mac at the start of Legion. Out of curiosity are you logging on a Mac?

Aha, now that does make sense! Yep, I’m using the AskMrRobot addon to automatically combat log on a Macintosh (running MacOS Sierra 10.12.4).

Did a careful perusal of the combat log file and found the following lines in sequence:

5/5 20:25:37.216 SPELL_PERIODIC_HEAL,Player-99-002C065F,“Fordalliance-Llane”,0x514,0x0,Player-1182-063E641F,“Daedyxes-Nordrassil”,0x40514,0x0,139,“Renew”,0x2,Player-1182-063E641F,0000000000000000,6171800,6340235,39663,4002,6,255,1250,0,244.40,3404.76,900,49144,0,0,nil
5/5 20:25:37.216 SPELL_PERIODIC_DAMAGE,Player-99-009F193E,“Zerian-Llane”,0x514,0x0,Creature-0-3020-1530-13438-103685-00000D4175,“Tichondrius”,0x10a48,0x80,188389,“Flame Shock”,0x4,Creature-0-3020-1530-13438-103685-00000D4175,0000000000000000,1563219489,2024545536,0,0,0,295105,295105,0,227.41,3414.16,113,33104,-1,4,0,0,0,nil,nil,nil
5/5 20:25:36.780 SPELL_AURA_REFRESH,Player-99-009F193E,“Zerian-Llane”,0x514,0x0,Player-99-009F193E,“Zerian-Llane”,0x514,0x0,207995,“Fire of the Twisting Nether”,0x1,BUFF
5/5 20:25:36.780 SPELL_PERIODIC_DAMAGE,Player-99-02962965,“Hillbottom-Llane”,0x512,0x0,Creature-0-3020-1530-13438-103685-00000D4175,“Tichondrius”,0x10a48,0x80,703,“Garrote”,0x1,Creature-0-3020-1530-13438-103685-00000D4175,0000000000000000,1563053182,2024545536,0,0,0,295105,295105,0,227.41,3414.16,113,166307,-1,1,0,0,0,1,nil,nil