Issues with logs of fight that start before 00 hours and end after

Hi everyone, i want notify the next bug.
But I should explain the situation before.
My brotherhood and i start raiding in the night approximately at 23 hours and end near the 01 o’clock.
Our problem with the logs appear when a fight start befor 00 hour and end it after 00 hour.
(example: The fight start at 23:55 and end 00:02)
When i upload that log to the website, it will be show as wipe or corrupted and shown that it last 5 minuts.
Thats is a common issue for us and dont let us see if there is an improve or something goes wrong in that fight.

Is something wrong with your computer’s clock? You shouldn’t see any issues unless your clock goes backwards in time…

There is nothing wrong with my computer

I would need to see a raw log file to diagnose the problem. Many people have fights crossing midnight that don’t mess up, so I suspect it’s something wrong with the times/dates in the log file itself.

Okay, i’m compressing them and then i will upload it.
I rename the log file with the name of the boss where is the problem so its more easy to you to find it.

Was this logged on a Mac?

No, why? I use Windows 10 (x64)