Error: Event Timestamps

This is the second time I have been unable to upload logs due to the error “Event timestamps are having so many errors that we were forced to stop”. This time I was live logging Kara. Previously I believe it was a Naxx in TBCC prepatch or at the end of P6 and I was not live logging that one.

Both times I have tried to deselect the fights specified in the error, but that doesn’t help. Previously I even went into the log file and was deleting lines but I was still unable to upload.

My question is mostly what causes this and how can I avoid it? Assuming there is no way to fix the log.

Hi I had the same issue, the problem was that my PC clock skipped 0,5 seconds back in time for no reason. There were multiple older logs.

Hi there,

Yes, this happens when your computer clock is messed up. There is no way to fix the log unfortunately, and you should look into your computer clock issue.