Unable to upload logs with "Event timestamps are having so many errors..." error

client version:v5.0.9
error log:
错误:Line 382017 - Event timestamps are having so many errors that we were forced to stop. You can use Select Specific Raids To Upload to leave out the corrupted fight. -3/2 22:19:53.447 SWING_MISSED,Player-4498-02EC75E1,“弗丁丶提里奥-寒脊山小径”,0x514,0x0,Creature-0-4505-533-12020-16011-00003E3ED1,“洛欧塞布”,0x10a48,0x0,DODGE,1

And i tried to skip 洛欧塞布’s whole fight, but it failed to parse file(with the same error log).
How can I fix the log.txt? Thanks.