[Logs problem/bug] Negative numbers in graph

Hey there.

Encountered a problem in our logs from yesterday:

There are a lot of empty spots in the graph and they show negative numbers. Same goes for the “damage done” section. Checked a few logs from other guilds - they don’t have such problem.

What should we do? Any ideas, how to fix this?

Thanks in advance.

Your computer’s system clock is bugging out and stuttering, leading to events going backwards in time.

Could it be a Mac specific problem? And what to do?

Not sure what to suggest. It’s the log file itself that is messed up.

I posted this issue in the WOW Mac Tech support forums, cause I’m having this issue as well


Did you verify that this is happening in the original log file and that it’s not a bug on my end? I would look at the raw log file and make sure it’s happening there so we know it’s Blizzard’s bug.

Yes I verified in the actual combat logs files the individual lines are out of order, usually within the same second. The milliseconds are out of order (could be NTP adjustment).

(My opinion)
I don’t think it should be too terribly difficult to handle the out of order records as the time stamp is still correct, and within the same second, just needs to be sorted when imported.

I saw this happen with the live streaming Wednesday night and last week - as well with full upload after the fact (last night when the site was down)

Yeah I could probably add a special case as long as the second value is the same. Are the events still in order, or are they actually out of order? If they’re actually being written out of order that is a big problem and not easy to fix.

Can you make the buggy log file available? I want to send it to someone at Blizzard. Thanks.

I’m pretty sure the events are written to the log out of order. eg there was a delay in writing the log entries so they were written when the writing process was done writing the other lines. (Think node async processes)

here is the log file


Sorry, that site is weird and creepy and I don’t trust it. If you want me to download something, put it up in a legit place like Dropbox, Google Drive, MSFT etc.

no worries, I dont actually use that site, but pastebin and github gist couldnt hold that many lines


Following up - NTP disabled last fight and the milliseconds still skewed a bit :frowning:

What version of OS X are you running?

Me the latest one, Sierra, 10.12

El Capitan for me 10.11.6

So here is a quick php script to fix the ordering of the events in the actual log files

The part I need to understand before I can do a workaround is if the events are in the correct order but with incorrect timestamps, or if they are in the wrong order but with correct timestamps.

Have raid tomorrow - i’m gonna try this script and compare to log made by other guildmembers. I’ll post everything here

Totally understood

@Kawaii run the file like this

php fixskew.php WoWCombatLog.txt

It will create a fixed.txt file in the same directory. If you have multiple logs it always writes to a fixed.txt file so be careful