Issue with log dates

I can not seem to get our raids to show up on the right days:

As you can see it says we’ve raided four times on the same day. I’ve dated the logs what date they should’ve been. Anyone with some help?

The Select Specific Raids feature in the client has a bug where it will still use the date from the start of the log (and not the first fight you pick). This is probably your issue. Until that is fixed, the best way to handle this is to archive the log file after every raid.

The GOF Logs

Why is it that despite uploading the logs on the day we raid, it is coming up on a date 2-4 days before the raid was actually run.
The last two Sunday raids have put themselves onto Friday - when they were actually run on Sunday, How do I amend or move them to the correct date?

After each raid, I delete the Combatlog completely. So that we should not have this issue. Really not sure how to fix it. Any assistance would be appreciated.

Sounds like your computer’s clock is set to a time in the past then. Blizzard (stupidly) uses the client’s clock and not the server’s, so if your computer’s clock is set to the wrong date, then you would see an issue like this consistently.

hmmm … meh! I just rechecked my Computer Time and Date. They are correct. The bottom left of the taskbar shows me the current date (today’s) and the current time. As I have Auto Date and time change. So that cannot be the issue.

There’s just no way the log would go to the wrong day if you are deleting the log file and the date on your computer is correct. Is the log file deletion failing because you still have WoW open perhaps?

I would suggest actually looking at the dates at the top of the log file and see if they are outdated. Pop it open in Notepad and take a look. The date is at the start of the line.